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real error reading domains

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i am working on the cheyenne system in
and i can not fo rthe life of me figure out why real is having trouble reading the domains section of my namelist.
i have made numerous attempts at changing things and fixing where there are commas...
Can you help?

This is an attempt just before performing ndown on the 900m simulation that was sompleted in the same directory previously.
Thank you,


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Hi Thomas,
In the &domains section of your namelist, you have the following settings:
time_step                           = 5, 0,
 time_step_fract_num                 = 0, 5,
 time_step_fract_den                 = 1, 9,
Each of these parameters only allows a single declaration, so you cannot set it for 2 columns (2 domains). The model will use the settings for "parent_time_step_ratio" to determine the values to use for d02.
ok. i will give it a try, its a shame that there isnt a best practices even on the example namelists to only include the exact amount of columns for every variable. and a difacto template that says which rows need commas at the end, which ones need to be defined for multiple domains...
its always been a mess even when i was at the tutorial.
The default namelist.input file that comes with the clean code has the correct number of columns included. We instruct that if, in the default namelist, the parameter only has a single value, do not add any additional columns. If there are multiple columns set for a parameter in the default namelist, then it's okay to add additional columns as is needed.

Commas at the end of the lines are not considered. If you have a comma, or don't have a comma, it's fine either way. Commas are only necessary to separate the values between multiple columns.

I'll attach a default namelist for V4.2 so that you can have it for reference. And perhaps having some sort of template namelist would be a good idea and a bit easier to explain to users. Thanks for the suggestion!


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