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real.exe crash (due to landuse/seaice?)

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real.exe was running fine until several days ago when it started crashing every day as attached. Help much appreciated.


  • wrf_error.tar
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There is no error message in the rsl files you attached. Can you tell me more information about this case? When you say REAL ran fine a few days ago, but failed recently, do you mean it works for some cases but failed for some recent 'new' cases?
Yes, that's why I think it may be an issue related to sea ice. I am running daily forecasts with wrf-chem but I don't think this error is related to chemistry as it fails during met processing. It is a very extensive domain running on 200+ processors. Do you have any tips on how to produce more relevant error messages?
One option is to rebuild WRF in debug mode, then rerun the failed case. The exact line/module where REAL fails will be printed.
No, not a chance. Someone suggested issues related to microphysics. Am trying that with a newer version of WPS
The crash was related to aerosol sensitivity to microphysics and required newer version of WPS. The model runs fine. Thanks.
Would you please further clarify the issue? This might be helpful for other users who may run into the same problem.
Thanks in advance,