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real.exe does not use TAVGSFC properly?

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Having troubles with the avg_tsfc.exe utility:

Using WRF V4.2.1.
Using ERA5 as source data without the skintemp field.
Want to use the avg_tsfc.exe utility to produce the TSK field.

After running geogrid, ungrib, avg_tsfc.exe and metgrid, a TAVGSFC file is produced
and the met_em files contain a TAVGSFC field (instead of SKINTEMP).
(The TAVGSFC field is different over land and lakes for different events/dates I tried).

However, after running real.exe, the TSK filed in wrfinput does not follow the TAVGSFC field.
For different events/dates the TSK over land is identical (and identical to the TSK when not using the utility at all). Only over lakes the values are different.
(I did include the line *** use_tavg_for tsk = .true. *** in namelist.input under &domains).

It seems that real.exe does not use/read the TAVGSFC field to produce the corresponding TSK field in wrfinput.

The utility avg_tsfc.exe is designed to calculate T2 over water points. This utility is used to overcome some issues related to unrealistic T2 over water. It doesn't affect T2 and SKINTEMP over land points. Your results are correct and expected.
Thank you.
I thought that the flag 'use_tavg_for_tsk', that should be used when SKINTEMP is not present, is meant also
to produce TSK over land points.