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real.exe MAXTIMES

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I am running a 10-years simulation with 6-hourly output files. When I run the real.exe for the whole period, it stops at 10000 time outputs. I saw there is a MAXTIMES = 10000, which I changed for 20000 in 4 files, but still no change.

I also merged 2 wrfbdy files to have the full 10 years, but wrf.exe wouldn't recognize this merged wrfbdy.

Which step am I missing for allowing wrfbdy to contain 20000 time output? Do I need to re-compile WRF after making changes in the files?

Thank you for you help.
I would suggest you run with the restart option of WRF. In this case you can save wrfbdy in separate files.
A very large netCDF file (>4GB) might cause trouble and we don't recommend you put 10-yr boundary data to a single file.