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real.exe NetCDF error: NetCDF: Variable not found

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I am run real.exe to generate the lateral boundary conditions. The boundary conditions are created and at the end of the rsl files, the following line is printed: real_em: SUCCESS COMPLETE REAL_EM INIT

However, when searched in the rsl.error files a number of errors were noticed. Does it make sense to print SUCCESS but a number of errors are listed? What is the issue with my simulation? Some files have been attached to trace the errors. The grib data is being downloaded from the following link:

Your feedback is highly appreciated.



  • namelist.input
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  • rsl.error.txt
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Hi Martin,
I believe these are just extra print statements that are added to the rsl files because you have debug turned on (and to a very high number). The debug option was put in the namelist several years ago for some developmental purposes, and for whatever reason, was never removed until V4.0. So we actually don't even recommend using it, as it typically doesn't provide useful information, and fills the rsl file up with junk that can make it tough to read. Can you set debug_level = 0 and run real.exe again. Let me know if you are still seeing the errors. If so, please attach your new namelist and rsl.error.0000 file. Thanks!

Thanks for getting back. With debug level set to 0, no errors are printed in the rsl files.

Thanks for your clarification on this matter.