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real.exe stops at time step 328

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Dear All,

I have been trying to run WRF version 4.1.2 with CFSv2 data as initial and boundary conditions. I managed to run it with a single domain but when i use a nested domain , the model stops without giving an error. It runs well WPS , but stops at time step 328 when running real.exe. I attached the namelist.input for my configurations. I even ran with debug level of 1000 but still there is no error captured.

can anyone please help me




  • namelist.input
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Can you do the following:
1) Check that your disk space is not full.
1) Set debug_level back to 0. This option was recently set to 0 as default because it rarely provides any useful information and ends up just adding a lot of junk to the running log files, making them difficult to read, and sometimes so large that they use up all the disk space.
2) Run real.exe again
3) Please attach your real output log file(s). If you are using multiple processors, please package all of your rsl.* files together into one *.TAR file and attach it.