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real.exe-trouble when I use ERA-ECMWF

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Dear all
I want to use ERA-20C but I am tryng use ERA now.
My WPS/WRF compute well whcn I use FNL or gdas.
However, when I made run real.exe with ERA, the followin messages are shown.
metgrid input_wrf.F first_date_input = 2000-09-10_18:00:00
metgrid input_wrf.F first_date_nml = 2000-09-10_18:00:00
d01 2000-09-10_18:00:00 input_wrf.F: SIZE MISMATCH: namelist num_metgrid_levels = 61
d01 2000-09-10_18:00:00 input_wrf.F: SIZE MISMATCH: input file BOTTOM-TOP_GRID_DIMENSION = 1
d01 2000-09-10_18:00:00 ---- ERROR: Mismatch between namelist and input file dimensions
NOTE: 1 namelist vs input data inconsistencies found.

I think "making num_metgrid_levels = 1" is strange, if it is number of z-layers.
I heard that num_metgrid_levels = 61 for ERA".

WPS/ungrib.exe and WPS/geogrid.exe ran well. Next I made run calc_ecmwf.exe and metgrid.exe.
met_em* were successfully made. Then real.exe showed the messages above.

I attach some logs. I will appreciate it if you give me any advices.


  • calc_ecmwf.log
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  • geogrid.log
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  • metgrid.log
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  • namelist.input
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  • ungrib.log
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  • Vtable.log
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  • rsl.error.0000.log
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  • rsl.out.0000.log
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  • namelist.wps
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If the model is saying that you only have 1 level in the met_em file, then that likely is the case. You can check this with the following command:
ncdump -h met_em.d01.2000-09-10_18:00:00 | grep BOTTOM-TOP_GRID_DIMENSION
Additionally, when I look at your ungrib.log, it is only processing 1 level for every time period, so it seems that perhaps you are only grabbing a single level of data. You will need to ensure that you get all the levels when obtaining your input data.