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real.exe (wrfbdy) limitation

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I have a question regarding the real.exe run. I am running a 20-year future model. This timeframe is longer than what I have successfully completed in the past. The problem that I came across is that real stopped creating wrfbdy after about 10000 time steps (2020-01-01_00:00:00 to 2026-11-06_18:00:00). First, I thought the met file had a problem, but I started a year later (2021) and real stopped exactly a year later (2027). I came to this conclusion that real had a limit (~10,000 time steps). My questions:

• Have you had something like this in the past?
• Is there any simple change in namelist.input or wrf registry that I can do to resolve this problem?

It is worth to mention that real continue working till the end (I can see this from rsl.error.0000), but wrfbdy does not change after that time limit.

Any help is highly appreciated.

I emailed my question to David Gill and here is his response.

Take a look at WRF/share/input_wrf.F, for this line:
DO WHILE ( ( currentTime .GE. grid%next_bdy_time ) .AND. ( icount < 10000 ) )

This is likely what is causing your troubles.

For a best practices solution, you might want to break down the lateral boundary file into pieces. For a 20 year simulation, perhaps an annual cycle would work. If the above line does fix your trouble, please post that on the forum also.


However, this response did not work for me. I did a little bit digging and found this post:

This actually worked. Anyways thanks, David.
Thank you so much for updating the post with the proper fix for your problem. Hopefully that will be helpful to someone else in the future!