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Recompiling just a segment of WRF

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Hello dear WRF community,

I have a question regarding the compilation and recompilation of the WRF software. I am currently working on changing some physics inside the WRF/phys directory, and each time a make a change in one of the modules I realize I have to make the ./clean -a and then recompile the entire thing.. That takes around 40 min for me. So My question is: can I somehow speed up this process? Say only to somehow recompile the module I have made changes to? Or If I can run the WRF compilation in parralell multiple nodes? I think I have read somewhere that WRF is limited to 2 nodes for parallel run?

Any kind of advice would be appreciated, thanks!
If you are only modifying a physics routine, or any other file, you do not have to clean or reconfigure the code before recompiling. The only time you need to clean the code is if you make a modification to the Registry, or change one of the options you choose during configuration. If you modify a physics routine, just save that file, go back to the top WRF directory and issue and compile and it will include your change!