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Recurring unusual spike in the simulated surface temperature in WRF

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Dear WRF-experts,

The attached file shows the time series of the simulated surface temperature.

Problem is that there is always a jump in temperature by ~2C around 5 UTC.
This occurs in almost all of my simulations (jump occurs every ~12 hours).

Even if I change the simulation dates, the same jump in temperature occurs.

Also attached are the namelist.input file and the wrf log file.

Any idea what is causing this problem?

I'll appreciate any help on this matter.



  • namelist.input
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  • wrf_2021031718.txt.input
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Hi Lyndz,
Where is this domain located, geographically, and what time is it locally at 5 UTC?
Hi @kwerner,

This is located in Manila Philippines (14.6361° N, 121.0775° E).

Yes, it is in local time. The peak is around 1PM LST or 05 UTC.


Can you do some additional time-series plots to send to us - for LH, HFX, and TSK. It could potentially be a vegetation effect. What land-use is this point? If other land-uses are nearby, check the time series at one of those, as well.