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Reducing e_vert and ptop in one-way nested domain


New member
Hi All,
I am performing a simulation with WRF with two nested domains using NDOWN to produce the forcing for the fine resolution grid.

I realized that with the current set-up the nested simulation is too slow, so I would like to know if it possible to reduce the number of vertical levels and the p_top_requested in some way just for the nested run?

Any suggestion is welcome,
There is one enamelist option, i.e., vert_refine_method, if this option is set to 2, you can specify eta levels when running ndown. Pleas take a look at the document below for more details:
Ming, thanks for the prompt reply.
I already tried to use vert_refine_method = 2 with ndown and I get the following error:

--- ERROR: vert_refine_method=2 only works with hybrid_opt = 0

Changing hybrid_opt from 2 to 0 solves the issue, but I am not sure if it is the best solution.
With hybrid_opt = 0, the vertical coordinate is the original WRF terrain-following coordinate, which is used in WRF before WRFV4.0.

Please stay with hybrid_opt=0 when you run REAL and WRF and NDOWN. The option vert_refine_method =2 should work fine.