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Regarding automatic termination of wrf.exe


New member
My wrf.exe is getting terminated automatically without producing any error in rsl.error files
- No problem with HPC
- Happened several times
- I am using 2 nodes with 25 cores each. I believe it is within the maximin and minimum range for my domains no of grid points.
- I can use up to 4 nodes with 28 cores each (I have gone through the recommendation of the number of cores in the forum, but I was not able to precisely understand the recommendation. If the problem is with no of cores, kindly suggest me the no of cores to use for my run. )
-I have 2 domains - 7.5 km outer and 2.5 km inner ; both with dimensions 250 * 250
- I have attached my rsl.error; rsl.out; name list.input; namelist.wps in this google drive link : wrf_errors_and_output - Google Drive
Please help me.
Deebak Vijay
Hi, Deebak
Your namelist.input looks fine except that you can change below options to:
radt = 5, 5,
time_step = 30

By the way, I didn't check all the 50 rsl files you attached. Note that the error message may not exist in rsl.error.0000. It could be in any rsl files. It will be helpful that you check all your rsl files and see whether you can find some helpful Information. If wrf.exe stopped, there must be something wrong and there should have some error message somewhere in the rsl files.