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Regarding failures in output generation

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I am using WRF Version 3.8.1 while simulating 5 months runs with the specified namelist.input file attached, I am experiencing an error in the output generation. (The output generation is stopped after 11 days ). I am using NCEP FNL 1degree grib2 data at 6 hourly intervals and the p_top in the model is set to 10hpa. I have also set 38 eta_levels according to my suitability.

The eta levels are creating a problem as if I reduce the number of eta levels it is running for some more days , but that is not meeting my requirement.
Kindly find the namelist.input file attached in this draft and suggest me the changes I should make to successfully run my model for 5 months with being stuck in between.

The real.exe is running successfully.


  • namelist.input
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Can you please attach your output/error file? If you have multiple rsl.* files, please package them together in a single *.TAR file and attach that. To attach files, while the text box is open, click on the tab with 3 horizontal lines and follow directions for attaching files. Thanks!
Thanks for the response.
I am attaching you the zip files in which I have included the rsl.out files, a BMP image showing the date when the output generation stopped, WRF.e and WRF.o files.
I was unable to attach the wrfoutfiles as they varied from 6GB in the domain 1 to 115GB in domain 3 for 11 days run.

Kindly find the .zip folder named as

Awaiting your reply


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Thanks for sending those. I was able to find many CFL errors in your rsl* files. This means that the model has become unstable, typically due to complex terrain. Take a look at this FAQ that discusses segmentation faults, but also mentions measures for solving CFL violations: ... f=73&t=133
Hello Sir
But I am using the time step as 150 as my domain 1 resolution is 25km.
The link you have send is showing the error 404 Not found
Thank You
I apologize for that. It seems the link got messed up when I pasted it. Try again: