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Regarding the questions about cold pool experiments

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Jacky Wei

New member
Hi all:
Has anyone done WRF experiments associated with cold pool? For example, I am going to run the WRF model without influences of cold pool-updraft interaction in boundary layer. I have reviewed some previous studies and they generally did it by turning off the evaporative cooling below, say, 1 km. But, I have no idea how to set up the model to only turn off evaporative cooling below 1 km. I will highly appreciate any answer to this question. Thank you very much!
Jacky Wei
There is oe option in WRF, no_mp_heating, which turns off latent heating from microphysics scheme. You may look at how this option works, and modify the codes to turn off evaporative cooling at certain levels. Unfortunately we cannot provide coding support for this work due to limited human power.
Good luck!
I have a related question. The no_mp_heating turns off all forms of latent heating and cooling. I would like to ask if how to only turn off evaporative cooling of liquid water? Or is it still similar with no_mp_heating=1?

I'm using WSM6 mp, is it by zeroing the prevp (evaporation/condensation rate of rain) in module_mp_wsm6.F? Thanks!