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Regarding the "TC Bogus Scheme" issue.

Todd Li

New member
Hello everyone!

When executing the "TC Bogus Scheme," I have successfully generated "auxinput1_d01_<date>," but it only contains domain 01, without domain 02. After submitting the job, it ran successfully, but the result indicates that the bogussing was not successful, it might be an issue that TC did not bogussing domain 02. Therefore, I would like to ask for suggestions on how to resolve this issue.

Thank you all!
Take a look at the TC Bogus section of the WRF Users' Guide. It notes that it only processes a single domain. Can you try it again just for one domain and see if it still fails? If you are still experiencing issues, please attach your namelist.input file and let me know which version of WRF you are using. Thanks.
I know that TC Bogus Scheme only processes a single domain, so how can I bogussing TC into domain 02?
I use WRF version 3.9 and the image file is my namelist.input. Thank you for all your assistance!


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I haven't tested this out to see if it will work, but if you introduce a TC into domain 1 and then you run a second domain, using the ndown option, the initial conditions and boundary conditions from d01 should interpolate down to d02. If you can actually attach the full namelist.input file, instead of sending screenshots, I could see all of your settings and let you know if I have any other recommendations.
Thank you for your assistance. Attached is my complete namelist.input file. Please review it again.


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Thanks for attaching that. I think the only additional recommendation I have is to set radt to something lower, like 10. Let me know if you are able to use ndown with the tc_bogus option. It may be useful for someone else in the future.