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(RESOLVED) catastrophic error: cannot open source file "jasper/jasper.h"

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I have now compiled the WRF with "./comple em_real" with the 16th compiler option.
I have now added that line to configure.wps and the previous problem is resolved.
But I got a new problem with Jasper,
dec_jpeg2000.c(5): catastrophic error: cannot open source file "jasper/jasper.h"
#include "jasper/jasper.h"
Attached please kindly find my log file for the wps.
Any idea about this?

I loaded the following module and built the libpng and zlib following the instructions on the tutorial.
module load intel/19.0.3
module load intelmpi/2018.0.128
module load netcdf/
module load mvapich2/2.3.2
export NETCDF=/share/apps/netcdf/
module load jasper/1.900.1

Thanks in advance!


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Can you check whether you actually do have the jasper.h file where your jasper module is built? It's likely in the include/ or include/jasper.
Thanks a lot.

Yes. I loaded this from a cluster by
$ module load jasper/1.900.1
$ ls /share/apps/jasper/1.900.1/include/jasper/jasper.h
In your configure.wps file, you should see these 2 lines:
COMPRESSION_LIBS    = -L/glade/u/home/wrfhelp/UNGRIB_LIBRARIES/lib -ljasper -lpng -lz
COMPRESSION_INC     = -I/glade/u/home/wrfhelp/UNGRIB_LIBRARIES/include

That means that the WPS program is looking for your ungrib libraries in those paths, which obviously don't exist for you (they are default WRF support paths). You will need to make sure that you have the libraries set up as they should be (see the compiling tutorial web page:, and then modify the configure.wps file to point to the correct location. Before rebuilding WPS, issue a 'clean -a' and then reconfigure. Then modify the configure.wps file, save that file, and then recompile.
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