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(RESOLVED) Changes needed for using NLCD?

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Dear WRF Community,

I wish to generate a detail map for urban region using default NLCD datasets in WPS GEOG package (cagetories 31, 32, 33). Do I need to change namelist.wps options, such as geog_data_res?


Yes, you will need to add whichever set you wish to use to the default setting. For e.g., if you are using the nlcd2011_9s data, then the namelist line should be:
geog_data_res = 'nlcd2011_9s+default'
for each domain
Thanks for the response. I have got NLCD outputs.

It seems that NLCD2011 has 40 categories with urban (23-26). When using this information with NUDAPT for WRF-urban, 33 categories LC are needed. Does that means I have to 1) truncate categories (34-40) as converting them back to MODIS or USGS classification and (2) remapping 23-26->31-33 as indicated in UCM user's mannual?

And if so, in which step (static geog files/wps/real) should I do this classification conversion? Since urban para & veg para depends on the LC types.

I believe the answer to your question is "yes," since that is what is required by the UCM, and instructed in the UCM users' guide. If you weren't using the UCM, you would just treat NLCD data like anything else, having it encompass the 40 categories, but since you are also trying to use the UCM, you'll need to follow the UCM guidelines. It's probably best to do this with the geo_em* files.