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(RESOLVED) Compiling ideal and real in the same directory

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You cannot compile the two at the same time, as one creates and uses the real executable (real.exe) and the other uses the ideal executable (ideal.exe) for initialization. However, it is possible to compile them in the same WRF package as long as you are using the same configuration (e.g., serial/no-nest or dmpar/basic-nest) if that's what you mean.

1) Configure and compile for the em_real case.
2) Executables will be created in the main directory, but linked to test/em_real.
3) Move the executables real.exe, tc.exe, ndown.exe and wrf.exe to the test/em_real directory.
4) Go back to the main WRF/ directory and compile for an idealized case.
5) Again, executables are created in the main directory, and are linked to the test/em_* case you are compiling.
6) You can then move the executables ideal.exe and wrf.exe to the test/em_* directory for you ideal case.

You just need to be careful that you are compiling using the same configuration. If you want to run the em_real test case with parallel options (e.g., dmpar/smpar), you will only be able to compile one of the 3d ideal test cases in this same WRF directory. All of the 2d cases (marked by the "2d" in the name), and the scm_xy case (which is 1d), must be compiled and run serially, with the 'no nest' option during configuration. If you are choosing one of these ideal cases, you'll need to compile em_real serially, with no nests also. Otherwise, it's probably easier to simply compile them in two different directories.