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(RESOLVED) Does geo_em files related to the simulation time?

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Hello, WRF team

I am doing a multiple years WRF simulation, while due to the time limit for the jobs on our cluster, I have to split the whole long-term job into several smaller ones to simulate for one month in each simulation.
I hope to reduce the preprocessing performed using the geogrid.exe, by using the geo_em files for the simulation of different months.
I am guessing that some of the variables in the geo_em file might be dependent on the season or the months of the year. Am I correct?
If so, it might be not proper to use the geo_em of one month for the simulation of the whole year.
For example, the geo_em file obtained for January cannot be used for simulation in July.

Please do advise the best way to reduce the preprocessing task for my purpose of multiple-years run and confirm my thoughts.

Thank you.

Hi Chang,
Actually the static data used during the geogrid process are not time-dependent. They are static, and therefore do not change. You should be able to use the same geo_em* files for every month you need to simulate.
Thank you, kwerner.
I just noticed that some variables have 12 layers for 12 months.
Your answer helped me to confirm. Thanks.