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(RESOLVED) ds461.0 plus ds351.0 are same as ds337.0 ?

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Feng Liu

New member
I would like to run WRFDA using observational data for 2014. Anyone could help me to understand any differences between ds461.0 (NCEP ADP Global Surface Observational Weather Data) + ds351.0 (NCEP ADP Global Upper Air Observational Weather Data) and ds337.0 (NCEP ADP Global Upper Air and Surface Weather Observations (PREPBUFR format)? I understand they have different format.

ds461.0 + ds351.0 = ds337.0 ? Is that true?

Thank you very much for taking the time to guide me.
It may be best to contact the RDA support group at CISL to inquire about the specifics of data. There may be some on this forum that would know the answer, but you're likely to get a better or quicker response from the group that manages the data.