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(RESOLVED) ERA5 hourly data on pressure levels from 1979 to present

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Is someone using the ERA5 hourly data with 37 pressure leves, and successfully run WRF?

Previously I run the model with ERA-Interim, which between steps ungrib and metgrid, I had to run the calc_ecmwf_p.exe to read the ecmwf_coeffs table for 60 pressure levels.

Since the ECMWF updated the dataset, I am trying to run the model with this new data!/dataset/reanalysis-era5-pressure-levels?tab=form

I followed this tutorial on internet (, which says I dont need to use the calc_ecmwf_p.exe anymore, however I am getting an error similar when I would not run the calc_ecmwf_p.exe
Where can I find the ecmwf_coeffs table for 37 pressure levels?


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ERA5 data are available for free download at
Since this data is on pressure level, one doesn't need to run calc_ecmwf_p.exe. Therefore, one doesn't need ecmwf_coeffs for ERA5.
Would you please download data from NCAR CISL, then run WPS?