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Do you know when the 1979-present ERA5 data will be available for use with WRF? I see that 2002-present is available which will keep me happy for a bit, but I need to run the early 1980's eventually as well. I was using ERA-Interim but I needed an additional one-way nesting to use it and the high-resolution ERA5 will allow me to skip that step and simplify computation.


Hi Gabe,
Unfortunately that is not managed by our group (WRF development/support). I would suggest trying to contact the RDA group to see if they have any plans to make this code available.

Thanks for your reply Kelly. I am looking to use ERA5 from CDS but I have a suspicion they offer far more variables than are needed to run WRF. Can you point to a resource to know which variables I need to get in order to successfully run WRF? Could I look at a met_em output for era-interim?

These are the variables that are needed:

3D Data
U and V components of wind
Geopotential height
Relative Humidity (or Specific Humidity)

2D Data
Surface pressure
Mean sea-level pressure
Skin temperature/SST
2 meter temperature and relative humidity
10 meter U and V components of wind
Soil data (temperature and moisture) and soil height

Recommended Fields
LANDSEA mask field for input data
Water equivalent snow depth
Additional SST data