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(RESOLVED) geogrid error: unable to open index file for static data path

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I am trying to run ./geogrid.exe and after correctly establishing the geo_path, it cannot open the index file inside topo_30s. Has someone had this issue? Or maybe is too specific.

Thank you!

Is this version 4.0 of WPS, and did you happen to just download the new "high-resolution" static dataset that goes along with it? If so, I'm attaching an updated GEOGRID.TBL.ARW that should correct the problem. Place this in your WPS/geogrid/ directory and link it to GEOGRID.TBL (ln -sf GEOGRID.TBL.ARW GEOGRID.TBL) and try again.

If you're not using this version, of it this doesn't correct the problem, can you attach your namelist.wps file, and let me know the version you're using?


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I have had this problem! It frustrated me for many weeks!!

The cause was an incorrect link to the geogrid data directory in the name list.wps file. If you haven’t try using a viewer to find the entire path the the folder. I use a high performance computing cluster and I was missing the absolute folder information to my home directory. It sounds like your issue could be the same.

I have the same problem with ./geogrid.exe in WPS4.0, it can not open the index file inside WPS_GEOG_HIGH_RES/topo_gmted2010_30s/.

The new GEOGRID.TBL posted by kwerner has been tested, but it can not solve the problem. Anyone can help?

Thank you!
Please, I;m having similar problems....can you possibly help out. Thanks


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@Akinleye The specification of the path to the geographical datasets in your namelist.wps file needs to be an absolute path. What you have now, i.e.,
 geog_data_path = 'Home/Build_WRF/WPS_GEOG/'
is a relative path.