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(RESOLVED) geogrid: undefined reference to `__kmpc_dispatch_next_4'

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Dear all,

I am following the latest tutorial about installing WRF but got the following error,
which I couldn’t understand.

The directory “grid2/lib”, causes the following error,
$ make
icc: error #10236: File not found: '–L/pic/scratch/lixi307/software/grib2/lib'
make: *** [] Error 1

I defined
export JASPERLIB=$DIR/grib2/lib
export JASPERINC=$DIR/grib2/include
export LDFLAGS=–L$DIR/grib2/lib
export CPPFLAGS=–I$DIR/grib2/include
before the installation. However, this directory does not exist.
It does not work even I create it.

I am using the same compiler for all the libraries.
WRF works. I got stuck with WPS.

Any idea about this?

Best regards,

The error related to icc looks like you chose an Intel compiler to install WPS. Did you use GNU for installing WRF? You need to make sure that you use the same compiler for both WRF and WPS. If that is not the case, can you please attach your configure.wps, configure.wrf, and your compile log for wrf? Thanks!
Thanks a lot.

Yes, I have been sticking to the same complier for all WPS and WRF.

Attached please kindly find the configure files and log files for both WRF and WPS.


  • configure.wps
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  • configure.wrf
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  • log.wps
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  • log.wrf
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Thanks for sending those. The errors that are causing the problem look like this in the WPS compile log:
wrf_io.f:(.text+0x55499): undefined reference to `__kmpc_dispatch_init_4'
wrf_io.f:(.text+0x556c7): undefined reference to `__kmpc_dispatch_next_4'
wrf_io.f:(.text+0x55d88): undefined reference to `__kmpc_dispatch_init_4'
wrf_io.f:(.text+0x55fa7): undefined reference to `__kmpc_dispatch_next_4'
make[1]: [geogrid.exe] Error 1 (ignored)

This is a problem due to the fact that you compiled WRF with dm+sm, and it's trying to link against the I/O for smpar and needs openmp stuff. To correct this, you may need to add the following to the WRF_LIB line in your configure.wps file:
-liomp5 -lpthread
So you'll need to issue a 'clean -a' and then reconfigure. Then go into the configure.wps file and add that to the end of the that line, save the configure file, and then recompile.

However, there are a couple of things I'd like to point out:
1) You have compiled WRF for an idealized case, which doesn't use any real data, and therefore doesn't need the WPS program at all. If you want a real data case, then you'll need to recompile WRF for an em_real case
2) We typically don't even recommend compiling WRF with the option dm+sm. It's not highly tested, and has been known to cause problems. We usually recommend the dmpar option, or perhaps the smpar option.