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(RESOLVED) incorporate WUDAPT into urban-WRF (ERROR: MMINLU values)

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Dear WRF community,

When incorporating WUDAPT into WRF for urban climate modeling, I have met a technical problem when geogriding LCZ for Wuhan (downloaded from

After placing the files landuse_urban & index in a folder "landuse_urban_Wuhan" under ../geog/, a few lines were added to GEOGRID.TBL as follows:
interp_option =default:nearest_neighbor
abs_path =/home/***/project/WRF/GEOG/geog/landuse_urban_Wuhan/
When executing ./geogrid.exe in WPS folder, an error prompted:
Processing domain 4 of 4
ERROR: MMINLU values differ among input fields. Reading LANDUSEF using entry 29 from GEOGRID.TBL did not set mminlu, and thus the default value of USGS is assumed. However, mminlu was previously set to MODIFIED_IGBP_MODIS_NOAH

Anyone can indicate why this error happened, and how to solve the problem? Thanks very much.

P.S. geogrid.log and namelist.wps were failed to upload. I am using version 4.0 for WPS. The steps are following the guide "Urbanized WRF modelling using WUDAPT".
I would like to see your modified GEOGRID.TBL. Can you try to attach that? If you're unable to attach, let me know the error you are getting. You can also try to upload the file(s) to the Nextcloud server (see the home page of this forum for information). If you do that, let me know when they are uploaded, and the name(s) of the file(s). Thanks.
Thanks Kelly. Two files named geogrid.log and namelist.wps were uploaded to Forum NextCloud Admin Folder. They were also sent to your UCAR box via email.
Thanks Kelly, I forgot to attach GEOGRID.TBL. A package named WUDAPT_GEOGRID_PROBLEM.tar (33M) has been uploaded through NextClound.

Further, I found that when uncommenting the last line in index file, adding MMINLU as indicated, would eliminate this error. However, the output is not correct. LANDUSEF is all 0 for types beyond 21, and LU_INDEX are all fillvalues.
Thanks for sending all of that. I was playing around with some things and am seeing what you are, but I don't have any "additional" data to test with (I only have replacement landuse data) - like your WUDAPT categorical urban data. Can you try to upload that data to the NextCloud server so that I can try this with your exact data? Thanks!
Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your attention. Now I know why this happened. It is due to filename.

Next step is incorprating them into WRF/BEP model. The source code (module_sf_urban.F,module_surface_driver.F,module_sf_noahdrv.F,module_sf_bep.F,module_sf_bep_bem.F) is adopted for 10 classifications according to the guide "Urbanized WRF modelling using WUDAPT". Further, module_initialize_real.F is modified in case of "mismatch_landmask_ivgtyp Error". The compilation passed successfully.

However, after successfully geogriding and metgriding using WPS, I can run ./real.exe to generate wrfinp* and wrfbdy*. But it stopped when running ./wrf.exe.

The description are also attached on ... 458#p17458. Relative files (namelist*, rsl*) are packed as "Files_WUDAPT_BEP_Prolbem.tar" transferred in NextCloud. Source code modified were attached as "source_code_modification.tar". Would you mind having a look? THX.
Hi lslrsgis,

Have you managed to run with success the incorporated WADAPT? I am struggling with this since a year now.


Hi @lslrsgis,
I'm glad you were able to figure out how to correct this problem. Can you explain a bit more what you mean regarding the file name. What exactly was the problem and how did you correct it? This information could help someone else in the future.

As for your new problem, please post this question in the wrf.exe forum ( as this no longer pertains to geogrid. We want to try to keep the questions/responses organized for searchability. Thanks.
Hi Kelly,

I have posted the question on WRF wrf.exe session, but received no reply for several days.

Meanwhile, I have sent an email to your ucar post. Would you mind having a look at this new problem?

It can sometimes take us a few days to be able to send replies to inquiries. We also do not work on weekends, and we had a national holiday this past Friday. Often around holidays, people take additional days off to spend with their families. The person responsible for that particular section of the forum is looking at your question and will get back to you as soon as they are able to.
Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the quick response. It is a good news that the post is received.

I am always benefit from this forum.
Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your response. However, it seems there is no reply for my post on WRF session since 12 days ago.

Any help? THX.
The support person responsible for that section of the forum has been looking at the problem, but hasn't found a solution. Unfortunately we aren't always able to find solutions to every inquiry, and we especially aren't able to fully support modified code. We can try sometimes, but due to very limited resources, we often don't have the time to dig into code that is a deviation of the version we test and release for support.