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(RESOLVED) 'invalid parent id for domain 2' with 15 nests

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I have a similar problem than others have reported in the past.
I have a WRF domain configuration with 15 nests. The outer domain is quite large, and within this grid, there are 7 nests (each with a nest).
When I run real.exe with all 15 domains, I get the infamous

-------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------
invalid parent id for domain 2

The problems seem to originate with d12... That is when I sequentially remove domains and keep D1-D3, D1-D5,...etc. All these complete without problems, when I add D12 and D13 the error occurs. A run with D1 and only what corresponds to D12/D13 is OK.

The inner grids don't appear to be close to the outer domain boundaries. The small domains are 121 x 121 grid points.

Any help will be appreciated. There is probably a simple solution, but after 2 days I cannot see it.
I attached the domain plot and the namelists. All runs were done with WPS4.2 and WRF V4.2.1. and with MAX_DOMAINS = 21.


  • namelist.input
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  • namelist.wps
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The answer to this was quite simple. In the WRF configuration file:

#### Single location for defining total number of domains.  You need
#### at least 1 + 2*(number of total nests).  For example, 1 coarse
#### grid + three fine grids = 1 + 2(3) = 7, so MAX_DOMAINS=7.

MAX_DOMAINS     =       21

So, for 15 domains MAX_DOMAINS = 1 + 2*14 = 29!

It would be useful if the error message from real was a bit more self-explanatory.
I'm glad that you were able to figure out the problem, and I agree! The message should be more clear. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.