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(RESOLVED) Metgrid output file size varies

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Dear All,
My ungribbed files all have the same size which are created at 6 hourly interval, but my metgrid files generated are having uneven file sizes. How do I check whether my metgrid files generated are correct?(Checked metgrid log files too, there are no errors). I am running WRF with irrigation turned on. when I check wrfinput after real.exe. the variable IRFRAC is null. Is the problem with my metgrid files?
PS: The variable IRRIGATION in geogrid file is having proper values. for some reason it is not appearing in wrfinput.
If you are using netCDF-4 with compression, then the metgrid files will differ in size. This is nothing to be concerned about. You can run WRF through a short simulation to determine if things seem to look okay.
As for irrigation, are you using the new irrigation scheme and do you have things set correctly in your namelist.input when you run? If you're continuing to have problems with this, please open a new post, as the topic is not related to metgrid. We like to keep the posts sorted by topics for future search purposes. Thanks!
Thank you kwerner, Got it.

I will open new post regarding irrigation. By the way, i was using the Noah-MP irrigation scheme recently introduced in version4.3.