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(RESOLVED) NetCDF 3 output when running WRF 4.3

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I have been running WRF 4.2 in an Ubuntu LTS box without any issues. Recently I tried updating to WRF & WPS 4.3, which compiled successfully and runs without problems. However, it outputs NetCDF 3 (old format) files instead of NetCDF/HDF5. I have tried changing the configure.wrf file in several ways and recompiling, but the issue continues. Output files are NetCDF3. WRF 4.2 creates NetCDF/HDF5 files as expected.
Can someone please guide me at to where I should be looking to solve the issue? I am attaching configure.wrf and the output of nc-config.


  • configure.wrf
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It's likely that when you compiled WRFV4.2, you had your netcdf path pointing to a netcdf that was built with the version 4 features, and perhaps the path has changed since then. You could compare your configure.wrf files from your WRFV4.2 and WRFV4.3 builds to see if there is an obvious difference. If you're unable to figure it out, you'll need to speak to a systems administrator at your institution to inquire about the correct location and then make sure you have your PATH and NETCDF environment variables set to the correct version of netcdf.
I am the administrator of the machine and I did compare the two configure files. That for some strange reason didn't work. However, I did manage to properly compile WRF so that it creates HDF5 files. I am attaching the successful configuration file, for what its worth.


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I'm so glad to hear that you were able to get it working. Thank you for updating the post, and for sharing your configure file.