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(RESOLVED) Netcdf error: Variable not found

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Hi everyone,
I have some problems when i run real.exe. More specifically when i run real.exe everything goes smooth and it finalizes without a problem, the wrfbdy and wrfinput file are produced, but when i open the rsl.out.0000 log file is complaining about variables I don't have in the dataset such as XLONG, XLAT and many more. Of course these weren't in the Vtable of WPS so they are not in the met_em files. I am attaching a log file. My question is, if these errors will compromise the results of my simulation. My version of WRFChem is 4.2.1 and netcdf 4.3.2.

Thanks in advance



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Hi Dimitris,
Can you use something like 'ncview' to look to see if you actually have those variables (e.g., XLONG, XLAT) in your wrfinput_d01 file and let me know?
If you have debug_level set to anything larger than 0, can you set it back to 0? Thanks!
Hey Kwerner, thank u for your reply. So i did an ncview and the XLAT and XLONG exist.
The debug_level was set to 100. When i switch it to 0 all the errors disappear. I thought that having a debug level larger than 0 gives u a more detailed
point of view of the log.file and the running of the model.
I'm glad to hear that! The debug_level parameter in the namelist is something that was put in there many years ago for specific testing purposes. We found that it rarely provides any useful information and often confuses users - thinking there are errors that don't actually exist, and also creates very large rsl files that are difficult to read. Therefore, in recent versions of WRF, we've actually removed the parameter from the default namelist and advise to not use it. If users need to debug, there are other options that are better.