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(RESOLVED) No ungrib.exe compiled: cannot open source file "jasper/jasper.h"

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Hi, everyone!
I am installing WRFV4.0.1. And I compiled successfully.
But when I compiled WPSV4.0.1, I only got geogrid.exe and metgird.exe except ungirb.exe.
I have checked the compile.log and the error were as follows:
Thanks all of you for considering my problem.


/bin/rm -f jpcunpack.f90
icc -c -w -D_UNDERSCORE -DBYTESWAP -DLINUX -DIO_NETCDF -DIO_BINARY -DIO_GRIB1 -DBIT32 -D_MPI -I/usr/include -DUSE_JPEG2000 -DUSE_PNG -D__64BIT__ enc_jpeg2000.c
enc_jpeg2000.c(5): catastrophic error: cannot open source file "jasper/jasper.h"
#include "jasper/jasper.h"

make[2]: [enc_jpeg2000.o] Error 4 (ignored)
icc -c -w -D_UNDERSCORE -DBYTESWAP -DLINUX -DIO_NETCDF -DIO_BINARY -DIO_GRIB1 -DBIT32 -D_MPI -I/usr/include -DUSE_JPEG2000 -DUSE_PNG -D__64BIT__ dec_jpeg2000.c
dec_jpeg2000.c(5): catastrophic error: cannot open source file "jasper/jasper.h"
#include "jasper/jasper.h"

make[2]: [dec_jpeg2000.o] Error 4 (ignored)

I am having a similar problem. The problem, I think (looking at my compile.log and yours) is with locating NETCDF dependencies(JASPER(in your) or libpng(in my case)). Hoping this is the problem(may not be!), I would really appreciate if someone can point us where this can be changed in the configure.WRF or configure.WPS file. It is a problem that many people are facing.

@h_goldfish Can you attach your 'configure.wps' file? When you ran the WPS's configure script, did you have the environment variables JASPERLIB and JASPERINC set to the library and include paths, respectively, where you've installed the JasPer, PNG, and zlib libraries?

Trying and error gives me solution. I can now generate ungrib.exe.
This is what I did.
Go to WPS
./clean -a
In the configure.wps file, there is a line with:
COMPRESSION_LIBS = -L/usr/common/software/jasper/1.900.1/hsw/intel/lib -ljasper -lpng -lz

I gave explicitly the paths for libpng and zlib. So the corrected one is

COMPRESSION_LIBS = -L/usr/common/software/jasper/1.900.1/hsw/intel/lib -ljasper -L/usr/common/software/png/1.6.18/hsw/intel/lib -lpng -L/global/common/sw/cray/cnl6/haswell/zlib/1.2.11/intel/ -lz


It could be a solution.
good luck
hello everyone,
i want to ask a question, is this necessary to built (libpng,jasper,and zlib ) in a same directory according to the tutorial,
if no then how to set the environment of of libpng and zlib .

please respond
Dear Netkasal

Thank you for your valuable suggestions, its works

netkasal said:
COMPRESSION_LIBS = -L/usr/common/software/jasper/1.900.1/hsw/intel/lib -ljasper -L/usr/common/software/png/1.6.18/hsw/intel/lib -lpng -L/global/common/sw/cray/cnl6/haswell/zlib/1.2.11/intel/ -lz

Hi deva_wrf,

Perhaps you could update the other 2 locations in this forum where you posted a question regarding this problem (either deleting those, or letting people know that you solved it, and linking them here). It would be helpful to any other users who may stumble across those posts, but not this one. Thanks!