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(RESOLVED) No ungrib: NAMELIST attribute conflicts with ALLOCATABLE attribute in 'new_plvl' at (1)

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New member
I am installing WRFV4.0 and did it successfully.
While During installing WPSV4.0, i got two exe except ungrib.exe.
Please help me to install and i am struggling with all these things from last week.
I will be very thankful to all of you.
find attached below

Please help me!


  • WPS.log.doc
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  • wps.configr.doc
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The error message you are getting is:

       add_lvls, new_plvl, interp_type, ec_rec_len, pmin
Error: NAMELIST attribute conflicts with ALLOCATABLE attribute in 'new_plvl' at (1)

Take a look at this page:
and look for the topic 'Problem when compiling with older gfortran compiler.' This describes the problem you are seeing and some potential solutions.

Dear Kwerner,

Its amazing, it worked.
I was trying to solve it from last week.
Thank you for your amazing guide lines.

Best Regards,