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(RESOLVED) Read error 1 in PARSE_TABLE. when running ungrib.exe

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Hi and thank you for your help.
I am trying to run WRF for the first time on UBUNTU 18.04 currently I am using the domain wizard.
I think I successfully installed both WRF and WPS.

Now I am facing a new problem wile ungribing which I cant seem to crack (I paste the log file at the bottom and attach the namelist.input I use).
One more lead is that when I tried to look at GRIBFILE.AAA uzing zygrib I could not open the file.

Some more hints that may be relevant
I successfully ran geogrid.exe (had to replace the Vtable.GFS with one that reads GRIB2 files)
When trying to run ungrib.exe I first had to soft link libpng libs to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu

Thanks again!

ungrib log (from the domain wizar):

Remote response
Contents of /hdd/yair/Documents/STAV/WRF/Build_WRF/Domains/Test1/ungrib.log
2020-05-06 14:35:36.190 --- *** StarStart_date = 2020-05-03_00:2020-05-06 14:35:36.190 --- Start_date = 20output format is WPS
Path to intermediate files is ./
ERROR: Read error 1 in PARSE_TABLE.
2020-05-06 14:35:36.190 --- out_format = WPS
2020-05-06 14:35:36.190 --- ordered_by_date = TRUE
2020-05-06 14:35:36.190 --- prefix = FILE
2020-05-06 14:35:36.190 --- /
2020-05-06 14:35:36.190 --- output format is WPS
2020-05-06 14:35:36.190 --- INFORM: Interval value: 21600 seconds or 6.000000 hours
2020-05-06 14:35:36.191 --- Path to intermediate files is ./
2020-05-06 14:35:36.191 --- INFORM: Linked in png and jpeg libraries for Grib Edition 2
2020-05-06 14:35:36.191 --- INFORM: Reading Grib Edition 2
2020-05-06 14:35:36.191 --- ERROR: Read error 1 in PARSE_TABLE.


  • namelist.input
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Unfortunately Domain Wizard is not supported by our group. It's an older utility that was managed by a different group (I believe at NCEP?). So if the errors are specific to the Domain Wizard, I won't be able to help.

It sounds like you're using a very old version of WPS if the default Vtable.GFS did not include grib2 format information. Do you know which version you're using? The error you're getting looks like there may be some sort of problem with the GFS Vtable you are using. I'll attach the one that is default for the latest version of WPS in case it helps.


  • Vtable.GFS.txt
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Thanks for your help, it was very usefull!
if someone runs into that problem, what I did is:
1. used the attached Vtable.GFS
2. for now (begining to play with GFS and not really doing operational forecasting) I am using the GFS data from here

Thanks again