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(RESOLVED) ungrib treats grib2 data as grib1

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I download WPS4.2 and compiled WPS using option 17 "Linux x86_64, Intel compiler (serial)". I use 2019 grib2 GFS data. The corresponding Vtable I used is Vtable.GFS provided in ungrib/Variable_Tables. When I run ungrib, I got the error message (see below the asterisk line). It seems like ungrib.exe identifies my grib2 files as grib1 files. I used g2print.exe to check the files and everything looks fine.
*** stopping in gribcode ***\n
\tI was expecting a Grib1 file, but this is a Grib2 file.
\tIt is possible this is because your GRIBFILE.XXX files
\tare not all of the same type.
\tWPS can handle both file types, but a separate ungrib
\tjob must be run for each Grib type.\n
gribsize in gribcode
Where did you download GFS 2019 data? I would suggest you get data from NCAR CISL:

These archived datasets are open to public. We can successfully ungrib these data using WPS.

Please try and let me know if you have any problem.
Thanks for your help. I use 0.25deg GFS data and run the model on jet (GFS data are also available on NOAA's jet). I removed the line "ec_rec_len = 26214508," from the namelist.wps and ungrib can identify the grib2 file. But after the first pass it run into segmentation fault. I switched to another computer, all three steps of WPS finished successfully.
Thanks for letting me know. Only one issue I would like to raise, the option ec_rec_len is specified for high-resolution ECMWF data. It shouldn't be set for GFS data.