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(RESOLVED) ungrib v4.0 error with new gfs data

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Hi everyone,
I use wrf since 2008. Now I use WRF (NMM core) v4.0 and NCEP GFS 0.25 degree grib2 files as initial and boundary data. After update GFS to version 15.1 my ungrib.exe fires error: 'unknown out_format, ifv = 1204035201'. I tried different versions of Vtable.GFS but problem is the same.
Did somebady manage this problem?

Best regards.
Please use WPS v4.0 and newer version to process GFS data that is updated to version 15.
If you still have the problem, please send me your namelist.wps, and let me know where you download the GFS data, which WPS version you use.
Dear Ming Chen,
Many thanks for Your reply. I use WPS v4.0. and my namelist.wps with ungrib.log are in the attachements. And I download gfs files from the url:

Best regards


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Would you please download the GFS data from the NCAR website:
Then rerun ingrid.exe?
I just ungrib GFS data over the same period shown in your namelist.wps, and it works fine. The issue you have is probably related to the GFS data from NCEP. i don't think it is a code issue.
Dear Ming Chen,
What is ingrid.exe and where I get it?
Data on the doesn't contain current date grib files and I could not find any geographical filter (f.e. Lat 20-68, Lon 3-88).
Can You help me?

Best Regards
I meant ungrib.exe instead of ingrid.exe (sorry for the typo ).

NCAR CISL updates GFS analysis and forecast products on a daily basis. If you go to the website "", you will find all the GFS data .

geographical filter is not needed for running WPS/ungrib.
Dear Ming Chen,
Many thanks for advise! I've downloaded grib files from the and it works without problem in WRF (v4.1.2) and WPS (v4.1). But the latest gfs grib files which I could download dated 2019-08-28. (
For the 4 day forecast I need today's files 2019-08-30.
The last but not least - files sizes are huge, 300Mb, which almost not real to download (33 files for 4 days forecast) using my internet connection (10Mb/s) during valid forecast period. I don't know the solution the problem. Can You help me?

Best regards
I am sorry that I have no solution to this issue. The slow internet transfer is a problem that bothers many people.
Dear Ming Chen,
It was my mistake. I downloaded gfs files using incorrect download script (all downloaded files had the same forecast time). I've corrected the script and ungrib.exe started work.
Many thanks.