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I had a question regarding the output I am receiving from my simulations, but I posted it under this topic because it relates to the URB_PARAM entry in GEOGRID.TBL. For a short background, I am studying urban heat islands, and my inner grid size is 1-km resolution. In my WRF output for T2, I am getting a distinct shape in the middle of my urban area where temperatures are warmer than those of more suburban areas (image attached to this message). It appears like the shape is essentially the same as the URB_PARAM data from the NUDAPT dataset. This dataset only includes information for the central portion of the city. I have been looking for a way to overcome this issue (e.g. extrapolation or updated datasets) but haven't had much luck. Are you aware of a way to correct for this, or is it common to just turn this setting off?

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This result is a consequence of specified urban characteristics in WPS/WRF.
If you want a smoother transition between central urban area and its surrounding area, you can adjust FRC_URB2D in wrfinput. However, one must be cautious to artificially tune variables like this to make sure the tuning is physically reasonable.