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(RESOLVED) W-CFL higher than 1 but less than 2

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New member
I have just migrated from WRF V3.9.1.1 to V4.3. In the older version I used to get CFL errors if CFL>2. In the recent version I am getting multiple messages in rsl* files like this:

rsl.out.0039:d01 2010-10-26_03:00:00 7 points exceeded w_critical_cfl in domain d01 at time 2010-10-26_03:00:00 hours
rsl.out.0039:d01 2010-10-26_03:00:00 Max W: 103 71 11 W: 1.41 w-cfl: 1.17 dETA: 0.01

As far as I observed these messages occur when 1 < w_critical_cfl < 2. The model seems to be running fine after these messages are printed out.
Could the model output be compromised if these messages occur or just the default rsl* files content has changed between the aforementioned versions?

Thank you for any comment!
Hi Michael,
The messaging in the rsl file has changed. If the CFL becomes too large, the model will stop and not run successfully.
Thank you for your explanation. The simulation was successfully completed yesterday so I am happy that it is possible to use the results.
Have a nice day!