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(RESOLVED) WPS configure error: Error: No compiled WRF code found.

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I tried to compile WPS-4.2
given command ./configure;
got the message below:
Will use NETCDF in dir: /home/razib/Build_WRF/LIBRARIES/netcdf

Error: No compiled WRF code found. Please check that the WRF model has been compiled
one directory level up (i.e., ../) in a directory named 'WRF', 'WRF-4.0.3', 'WRF-4.0.2', etc.,
or specify the full path to the compiled WRF model with the environment variable $WRF_DIR .

I am very new to WRF.
I do not know which files to provide, please ask me in specific

I need some help regarding this issue.


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Have you compiled WRF yet? If so, then you can set the path to the WRF compile with the "WRF_DIR" environment variable - something like:
setenv WRF_DIR path_to_your_wrf_compile/name_of_your_compiled_wrf_directory
I am a new user WRF and presently have successfully compiled WRF and the compiler used is gfortran.
After configuring WPS with gfortran compiler serially, the command as per the standard installation manual "WRF_DIR = ../WRF" is giving the error
**bash: WRF_DIR: command not found...**
Please let me know what might be the associated problem.
If you're using bash, the command should be
export WRF_DIR=../WRF

If you haven't tried that, please give that a try and see if that helps.