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Dear all,

I used to use SST data from <> but it was discontinued on Feb. 11, 2020.

I would like using NOAA OI SST V2 High Resolution Dataset (, but they are netCDF file.

How can I convert them in WPS intermediate file?

You can read those netCDF datafile, then write them in intermediate format. In this way you can skip ungrib and run metered.exe directly. The intermediate format can be found here:

I've just written a Fortran90 code called ghrsst-to-intermediate, which reads any of the GHRSST datasets available from the PODAAC at JPL, and writes SST:YYYY-MM-DD_HH files in WPS Intermediate file format. It will also (optionally) extract the LANDSEA mask and the SEAICE fields which can be found in many of the GHRSST products.

It's designed to take the place of UNGRIB for SST. Just be sure to remove the line with SST from your Vtable when you run UNGRIB for the rest of the fields.


Note that are older and newer versions of some of the datasets, (e.g. G1_SST, MUR, UKMO), so scroll down.

There are seven 1/4 degree SST options in the PODAAC. I might suggest AVHRR_OI-NCEI-L4-GLOB-v2.1.

Contact me offline and I'll send you the code - and thank you in advance for being a beta tester.

Hi bartbrashers,
I've been using your program (WPS-ghrsst-to-intermediate) to create the intermediate files from the files (JPL-L4_GHRSST-SSTfnd-MUR-GLOB-v02.0-fv04.1). However, all of my data converted to SST were at 12Z.
So do I run correctly?
Thank you very much!
The data from JPL's PODAAC (the GHRSST project) are all once-daily. Because UNGRIB normally interpolates in time, you need to interpolate this to your planned interval (6h or 3h, or whatever) as a separate step.

You can use to interpolate the files produced by (or

I've been meaning to update the distro with a CSH script that looks in the current directory for a namelist.wps, and reads the interval, and calls interp-intermediate to interpolate to the required times. This works if you make sure the first SST file is before the beginning of your WPS run, and the last SST file is after the end.

Give me a day or so to update the distro.
Hi Bart,
I've compiled successfully your tools to convert the SST data from the Netcdf format to the intermediate which are used for the metgrid program with each time step for my case.
Thank you very much!
Hi Ming Chen,
I've been using the Convert netCDF to Intermediate program to convert sst.oisst-avhrr data from netcdf to the intermediate format. However, I 've got a problem related to the date of the output file, which is presented in the below:
[cloud@igplogin WPS-ghrsst-to-intermediate]$ ./netCDF-to-intermediate 
 DIMS for TIME is           1
 START Time           0
 AND THIS IS : 1978-01-01_00:00:00.0000
 DIMS for SST is        1440         720           1           1
 SST   -999   -999   3436
  Min/Max LAND-SEA :   0.0000000E+00   1.000000    
  Min/Max SST      :   -999.0000       307.5100    
  Sample SST       :    271.3500    
 Creating SST:1978-01-01_00       
    --- End of input file ---
Please help me to address it!
Thank you.
If you are using, then I wrote that program, not Ming Chen. Is that the program you mean?

Where did you download the data from? Useful so other users can download and try themselves.

What other steps to debug have you tried?

Generally speaking, in these types of forum's you'll get better answers if you are more specific - very specific - and include more information, and show that you didn't just give up after step 1.
Dear Ming Chen,
I address you this reply because you wrote the code netcdf_to_intermediate.f
I compiled the code and get the executable, but I run into an issue of memory when running it.
I attached a file with the command lines I used to compile and run it, and the error message.
Please could you help me to solve the problem?
Thank you


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