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(RESOLVED) WRF WIZARD: UNGRIB ERROR : mismatch btw namelist.wps and

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New member

My name is Maria and i am new in this area. I really need a little help and patient!
I am having trouble with the ungrib part on WRF WIZARD.

My file is grb2, from 2017 and from GFS. I've made the download on nomads website.

So, when click in ungrib, i get this message:

"The error typically comes from a mismatch between dates found in the namelist.wps and the date of GRIBFILE.AAA"

I've already checked the data on namelist.wps and seems to agree with the date of my file. I thougt it could be a problem with the VTable... Could it be possible?

What should I do to fix it? Hope you can help me!


Hi Maria,
Can you do the following:
1) let me know the version of WPS you are using
2) attach your namelist.wps file
3) attach one of your GFS input data files
4) issue an ls to your input data path:
ls -ls your_data_path/data_file_prefix >& ls.txt

and send that ls.txt file, as well?

Unfortunately we (WRF Support Team) do not develop/support the Domain Wizard, so if the problem is related to that program, I won't be able to help, but I can at least take a look at your files and see if I can figure out the problem.

I am so sorry that i took too long to answer!

But i found a solution! It was a problem with my data! When i changede the data, it worked!