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Resolving temperature fields in 1 km runs over South Western Kenya

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Hi all,

I'm currently running a 9:3:1 km spatial resolution nested WRF hindcast run over south western Kenya and I cannot seem to resolve the temperature field. I am running WRF v3.9.1.1 through the UEMS v18.8.1 system. I have tried changing the PBL, LSM, and Microphysics schemes predominantly. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Can you give a bit more explanation regarding what you mean when you say you aren't able to resolve the temperature field? Are the temperatures too cold/hot compared to observations? Or is there some other problem? If you have plots to show the problem, that would be better. Can you please also let us know
1) What type of input data you're using
2) Have you modified the WRF code at all, or is it pristine "out-of-the-box" code?

and please also send your namelist.input file.

Thanks for your reply, Kelly

I used ERA Interim as the input data. I am trying to use the temperature outputs to identify locations where frost has occurred. When I run the model the temperature values for locations of known frost have been around 10 degrees C at their coldest forecast hour. Different physics parameterizations have reduced that to 5 degrees C but that is still too warm for frost conditions. I don't have much in situ data to compare against, and none for the same time as a frost event, but the limited data I do have predicts too warm during the early morning hours (see Picture1). The code is out of the box UEMS, I have not modified it at all and my namelist files are included now as well.

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Thank you for the additional information. Unfortunately we don't develop or support the UEMS version of WRF within our group. Since this wasn't run with our supported version, WRF-ARW, I can't determine whether this is a problem with the version that UEMS is using. I would recommend first contacting their support group. I found this forum page with several links, including support, for their model. You could also likely just post to their forum page: