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Restart problems with the tracer opt

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New member
Hello everyone,

I was wondering if any of you could help: I tried to run WRF.4.1.2 with 4 nested domains making use of the tracer option. I would like to turn off the tracer for the outer domains and just activate it for the inner most domain. Whenever I do this, my restart file is not reproducible. It only works if I turn on the tracer for every domain.

I would be glad for every tip !


I suppose you can still restart the case, but just that the results from restart and that from the initial run are different. is this correct?
Did you turn on feedback in your namelist.input? (the default is on). If so, can you turn it off and try again? Please let me know how it works.

Please note that we recommend the options must be the same for all domains (except cumulus scheme). If feedback off cannot give you the correct results, then i would suggest to turn on tracer option for all the domains. This is because it is not our top priority to add extra utilities for a specific case that is not commonly used.
Hello Ming Chen,

thanks for your quick reply. Yes, that's it.. the results are different.

I used to run with feedback turned off. So that did not solve the problem.

Yes, I understand that! I thought maybe there is a way to use the tracer option just for one domain.

Thanks anyway,