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RIP4 trajectories

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Hello all,

I am trying to calculate trajectories with rip4, from outputs of the WRF ARW.

so, i do first:

./ripdp_wrfarw -n colla basic wrfout_dom3



then I try to compute trajectories with:

./rip -f colla



But there is an error message:
# ./rip -f colla
At line 249 of file rip.f (unit = 7, file = '')
Fortran runtime error: Cannot match namelist object name iexpandedout

Error termination. Backtrace:
#0 0x14f2934711aa

I've been trying to find information about using rip4 to calculate trajectories with examples, but I still can't quite understand how it works ...
What am I doing wrong ?

many thanks in advance
Hi Rodrigo,
I don't believe you need the variable "iexpandedout" in the namelist. According to the RIP User's Guide, this is only relevant for MM5V3 model output. I assume you're using WRF?

I'm attaching a couple of scripts I used for doing some trajectory plots. It's been a few years since I've done it, but maybe these will help a bit. If I remember correctly,

1) Run ripdp
./ripdp_wrfarw  RIPDP/myCase  all  path_to_your_wrfout_files/wrfout_d01_*

2) Run RIP to calculate the trajectories
./rip  -f  RIPDP/myCase
This will output files called "horiz_traj.diag" and "horiz_traj.traj."

3) Run RIP again to plot the trajectories (using the "" script)
./rip  -f  RIPDP/myCase

If you wanted to plot a vertical trajectory, you can use the "" script to run RIP again. In this script, you will modify the "crsb" field to indicate the levels. For e.g., in my script, I have it set to "crsb=550,139." This starts at level 550 and goes backward to level 139. And the horizontal is "crsa=150,213," where 150 and 213 are grid points.

Obviously you'll need to just use these scripts as templates and make all the modifications you need for your case.


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