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RRTMG_LW_DATA for gfortran

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New member

We are working on reading implementing RRTMG into a model that is most efficient when using gfortran.

We have learned that we need to use RRTMG_LW_DATA_DBL and RRTMG_SW_DATA_DBL when using gfortran. However, we still have issues with running the model, and wonder if there exists are RRTMG_LW_DATA for gfortran with single precision.

Hi Trude,
In the run directory, (WRF/run), you can find RRTMG_LW_DATA and RRTMG_SW_DATA , which are single-precision RRTMG input data.
Please try to use these data and let me know if you still have issues.
Hi Ming

We first tried with the RRTMG_LW_DATA but they did not work. We could not even read the file. We did a google search where someone mentioned to use the RRTMG_LW_DATA_DBL when using gfortran. With the RRTMG_LW_DATA_DBL, we can read the file, but the values we read does not make sense: orders of 1e32 to 1e-32, and the model crashes with segfault error.
Hi Trude,
I checked the WRF codes to read this data. I agree that it is a little bit complicated, but WRF works fine to read and process this data.
Which version of WRF did you run that has trouble to read this data? Please send me your namelist.input to take a look. I will they to repeat your case.