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RSL_LITE error - Bad P argument

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I am running two rather large domain cases (1792x1792x122 and 2048x2048x122) and am getting the same error after calling inc/

rsl_lite error ("buf_for_proc.c":119) Bad P argument to buffer_for_proc. P = 12432. Has RSL_MESH been called?

MPT ERROR: Rank 0(g:0) is aborting with error code 9.
Process ID: 51895, Host: r9i0n5, Program: /glade/u/home/hawbecke/Models/WRF/WRFvMMC/WRF_LES/main/wrf.exe
MPT Version: HPE MPT 2.19 02/23/19 05:30:09

I have not seen this error before and do not find any help for what might be causing it online. Does anybody know what this could be?
Which idealized case are you running?
I see you are on Cheyenne. Can you point us to your running directory? Thanks!
Thanks - I am running em_les for scale testing. The run directory is here: /glade/scratch/hawbecke/WRF/ATEC/CBL_Compare/wrf_1792x1792
This issue was found and identified in 2018 (see link below). Apparently the rank tag on rsl files has a problem when attempting to run on more than 10,000 ranks. Unfortunately the pointer there to a patch is perplexing.
If the problem is regarding using more than 10,000 processes, we have just pushed a fix for this into our develop branch. Take a look at this commit: