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Run fails with Adaptive time step in cycling mode

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I am running WRF (v3.9.1) in cycling mode (every 6 hour) using WRFDA on a previous 6h WRF forecast as background. I normally use adaptive time stepping, to save on simulation time. If I run WRF in cold mode, it works just fine. But if I run WRF every six hour, using previous 6h forecast as background and with use_adaptive_time_step=.true. in the WRF namelist, the WRF run starts but stops immediately saying WRF successfully ended, but without having done any time integration at all. If, leaving everything else the same, I set use_adaptive_time_step=.false. , then the run proceeds and does its 60h of integration. I cannot figure out why? Did anyone experience this before?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
This topic has been moved to the WRFDA section, as this problem seems to be specific to a run with WRFDA, as opposed to basic WRF.