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run ungrib.exe successfully, but no data in the file


New member
图1.pngrun ./link_grib.csh successfully.
Next run ungrib.exe.图2.png
But only 11-14 file have data, onths files don't have data.图3.png
I don't konw the cause of this problem. Can anyone help me?
Can you please issue the following:

ls -ls ../data/* >& data.log

and then please attach that data.log file, as well as
Vtable (make sure to attach the actual Vtable you're pointing to, and not just the link)

Thank you!
I attach the data.log and the ungrib.log. And the input datas are created by myself, so I created the Vtable file. The data information and the Vatble file i used are attached.



  • data.log
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  • ungrib.log
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  • pl-14-04.log
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Hello!I‘ve solved the problem. The cause of this preblem is the Vtable file has preblem. I write a new Vtable file. It's successful.
Thank you!
I'm so glad to hear you were able to solve the issue and that it's working now! Thank you for updating with the solution.