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run wrf.exe error

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hello all,

Please, I am having problem with wrf.exe when it just started. Attached is the rsl.* and my namelist.input.

The odd thing is that I can run this on another computer.Then I recompiled the software and there were no errors.

I'll appreciate your guide and help in solving this problem, please.

Thanks and kind regards,


  • namelist.input
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  • rsl.tar.gz
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It looks like you are getting a segmentation fault, which can be related to many different things. If you are able to run this exact same case (same input data, dates, domain, namelist) without problems on another computer, it means that this must be related to the particular system on which you are experiencing the problems. I would start by checking the disk space to make sure you have enough room to run it. It may also be that 8 processors isn't enough to run this. If you have more processors available, give that a try (though it should be possible if you are able to run on your other system with 8 processors). Unfortunately since this seems to be system-related, we aren't able to help much. You may need to discuss the problem with a systems administrator at your institution. If you figure it out, please let us know.
Dear kwerner,
Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately,I still haven't solved the problem. Could you please tell me what these codes mean? Is it the computer or the environment configuration problem.


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Unfortunately that error message is not very useful, as it simply says there was a segmentation fault. Did you do the things I advised?
1) Check the disk space (which is different than memory)
2) Try running with more processors
3) You could also try some debugging options to track down the exact line where it's failing.

You said this case is running fine on another computer. Are there any differences between WRF, itself?
  • Are you using the same version of WRF?
  • Were there any modifications to the WRF code?
  • Is everything identical about the cases (same dates, same input data, same exact namelist, etc.)?

If the answer to the above 3 points are all "yes/no/yes," consecutively, then the problem is related to your system (which could be the machine, setup, libraries, compilers, environment settings, etc.). If it's not a problem with the WRF code, itself, then unfortunately we aren't able to help. I would advise that you ask a systems administrator at your institution to assist you in tracking down the problem - or the difference between the two systems. Some things to consider:
  • Are you using the same compiler to build the code? Same version of that compiler?
  • Are you using the same netCDF library (same version)?