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Run WRF model for USA location

Hi Team,

I am working in exploring WRF model for different locations. Currently, we have a working WRF model for Europe. We would also want to run the model for USA location. Please let me know how it can be done? Any suggestions will be helpful. Kindly let me know.

Best regards,
You can change your Europe area to OCNUS area, then all other steps should be the same.Below is an example of US area selection for WRWF run: Note that the key options is dx, map_proj, ref_lat and ref_lon. they determine the location and size of your domain.

parent_id = 1, 1, 2,

parent_grid_ratio = 1, 3, 3,

i_parent_start = 1, 24, 27,

j_parent_start = 1, 20, 27,

e_we = 72, 73, 109,

e_sn = 61, 61, 109,

geog_data_res = 'default',

dx = 15000,

dy = 15000,

map_proj = 'lambert',

ref_lat = 39.,

ref_lon = -95.,

truelat1 = 29.0,

truelat2 = 49.0,

stand_lon = -100.0

Hello Team,

This is with respect to running WRF model. Do we have any testing tool available where we can modify the parameters to test the location change. Kindly let me know.

Best regards,
I am not quite clear of your question. if you want to change the model domain, you can simply modify namelist.wps to specify the domain area where you want to run WRF for simulations. I don't think you need a 'testing tool' to check location change.