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Run WRF without heating release

Dear WRF&MPAS experts,

I am wondering how I can run the WRF model without the heating release option.
I found that there are some options related to heating like:

no_mp_heating = 1 =turn off latent heating from a microphysics scheme
isfflx =0 no flux from the surface

But I am not sure what the exact option is.
Please help to explain this issue for me. Thanks very much!
With the option no_mp_heating = 1, the heating from microphysics will be set to zero.
Please take a look at the code dyn_em/module_big_step_utilities_em.F

With the option isfflx = 0, no heat and moisture fluxes will be calculated from the surface scheme.
Look at the code phys/module_surface_driver.F to get details how this option works.