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rundays not consecutive

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Hi all,
I have a question about a wrf run in parallel mode.
I am running a real-case based simulation with WRF (v4.0.3), using one-way nested grid spacing.
The parent 8-km grid (76 X 51 grid points) is nested with a 2-km grid (117 X 113 grid points).
Please find attached the namelist.input file…

When running all grids, everything works fine but something seems strange.
Here below the first files created:

Nov 13 11:11 wrfout_d01_2015-08-07_00:00:00
Nov 13 12:04 wrfout_d01_2015-08-08_00:00:00
Nov 13 13:26 wrfout_d01_2015-08-09_00:00:00
Nov 13 14:51 wrfout_d01_2015-08-10_00:00:00
Nov 13 15:06 wrfout_d01_2015-08-11_00:00:00
Nov 13 12:09 wrfout_d01_2015-10-24_00:00:00
Nov 13 13:58 wrfout_d01_2015-10-25_00:00:00
Nov 13 15:05 wrfout_d01_2015-10-26_00:00:00
Nov 13 11:11 wrfout_d02_2015-08-07_00:00:00
Nov 13 12:04 wrfout_d02_2015-08-08_00:00:00
Nov 13 13:26 wrfout_d02_2015-08-09_00:00:00
Nov 13 14:51 wrfout_d02_2015-08-10_00:00:00
Nov 13 15:06 wrfout_d02_2015-08-11_00:00:00
Nov 13 12:09 wrfout_d02_2015-10-24_00:00:00
Nov 13 13:58 wrfout_d02_2015-10-25_00:00:00
Nov 13 15:05 wrfout_d02_2015-10-26_00:00:00

As you can see the run starts from 07 august 2015 but after a few day-runs the october files appear (from 24 october 2015).
How is it possible? The run-days shouldn't be consecutive?

Thank you in advance for your support.
Best regards



  • namelist.input
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I believe the files wrfout_d01_2015-10* and wrfout_d02_2015-10* are generated from a different run. It is impossible that they are generated from the same run initialized at 2015-08-07_00.
No, they are created to the same run initialized at 2015-08-07_00.
If I run WRF with the command "./wrf.exe" the files wrfout_d01_2015-10* are not generated but with the command "mpirun -np 8 ./wrf.exe" they appear!
Did you notice the time the the files are generated?

Nov 13 15:06 wrfout_d01_2015-08-11_00:00:00

Nov 13 12:09 wrfout_d01_2015-10-24_00:00:00

How can the file wrfout_d01_2015-08-11_00:00:00 be generated at 15:06, whereas the file wrfout_d01_2015-10-24_00:00:00 was generated at 12:09?